From, 3-D plastic TT handgun magazine extension.

Designed for Tokarev magazines, adds +4 round capacity. 


Easy installation: remove the retention pin on the magazine plate, slide off the lower section of the plate.  Remove standard magazine plate and magazine internals (leaving the follower inside), slot the new plate into place. Insert spring, hold in place, slot the lower plate onto the magazine extension, place the retention pin back into place. 

Made in Russia.

Note 1: not recommended to drop the magazine plate on hard floors as plastic may crack. This issue will be resolved by the end of summer.

Note 2: some magazines need slight modification for proper compatibility. Make sure the follower travels all the way down freely before loading and check if the spring does not get stuck. Issue reported with weak (old) Tokarev magazine springs.

Tokarev Magazine Extension (4 rounds)