The Sphera-S is a bullet-resistant helmet consisting of three titanium plates offering Russian Class-2 protection.

Protection: Class 2 protection is a designation given to armoured equipment protecting against direct impacts from standard (FMJ) handgun calibers 9x18, 9x19, 7.62x25 TT, and 5.45x18 at distances up to 5 metres, and from indirect (at an angle) impacts from intermediate rifle calibers.

Helmet is fully adjustable for head shape and size.

Weight: 2.3kg. It is not recommended to use this helmet for prolonged periods of time (2 hours). Helmet is designed to be used during combat or assault operations, not constantly worn.

This helmet was issued in both campaigns in Chechnya and used in the Siege of Grozny. Due to its weight and shape, it is no longer in use with the military and special forces, but is still issued to regular Ministry of Internal Affairs police officers as high-threat level equipment in case of armed apprehension and standoffs. Despite its flaws and age compared to modern helmets, it offers fantastic protection for its class designation.

Helmets are used, but in good condition and undamaged.

Comes with a VSR camouflage cover. Different camouflage cover options are still produced for this helmet model.

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