Popular universal vest design for army, police, and special forces use from SPLAV. 

Very recognizable design that has been used since the Chechnya conflict in both the MVD and Armed Forces.

Fully size adjustable from Russian size 46 to 68, height from 164 to 200cm.

Fully compatible with Alpinist climbing gear.

Belt loops allow the use of pistol belt or SPLAV Universal Belt with any gear that might be attached to it.

Full MOLLE coverage on the back for additional equipment.

Pouches have reinforced holes on the bottom to allow liquid to drain from them.

Design does not interfere with using backpacks or shouldering a rifle.

Has a handle for evacuating the user in cases of injury.

This vest is designed to hold:

-4x RGO or RGN grenades with a 1-handed triggering system (pin is attached to loop on the inside that releases the grenade once it's pulled from the pouch far enough).

-3x signal rockets (flares)

-2x inside pockets for documents or armoured plates

-pouch for knife or bayonet

-pouch for geiger counter (dosimeter) or phone

-8x AK magazines

-gun cleaning oil

-loops for securing a rifle sling in place

Made in Russia.


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