The RK-8 is an alternative to the B-50 PKM/PKP handguard, providing a vertical grip under the barrel for easier handling when firing the machine gun from the shoulder while standing.

It attaches via two large screws to the firing stand mounts located under the barrel on all PK series machine guns. Two additional screws on the bottom negate any vertical movement.

Additional side-rails allow additional accessories to be mounted to the machine gun, including laser aiming devices or the RK-7 grip to be used as a carry-handle.

RK-8 "Desert/Black" PK/PKM/PKP Forward Grip

    W h a t 's G o i n g  o n?
    C O N T A C T S


    Added PT-5 stock, B-30U, B-301N, B-9AK, and updated Klesh flashlights with quick-release connector!


    New products added! Souvenir "Putnik" and "Thinker sets, KR-1U mount, and B-18U optics mount for AKS-74U models.

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