From, 3-D printed plastic PM grip with integrated laser. 

Designed for slim-frame single-stack model PM handguns.


Laser is pre-sighted and does not need adjustment, meant for close-range engagements. 

Batteries included, housed inside the grip. 

Easy installation, install the grip like the standard one.

Made in Russia.

PM Laser Grip (single stack)

$80.00 Regular Price
$72.00Sale Price
    W h a t 's G o i n g  o n?
    C O N T A C T S


    Added PT-5 stock, B-30U, B-301N, B-9AK, and updated Klesh flashlights with quick-release connector!


    New products added! Souvenir "Putnik" and "Thinker sets, KR-1U mount, and B-18U optics mount for AKS-74U models.

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