The Perst-4P is a laser aiming module that combines an IR Laser and Red Visible-spectrum laser into one device.

This version comes in a different configuration with the same performance stats as the Perst-4.

Red laser range: 500m (further in reality, but visible at up to 500m)
IR laser range: 1000m

The Perst-4P can be mounted on a pistol (such as a Glock-19) with the turn-switch, or on a carbine/rifle. The package includes a button to replace the turn-switch.

Powered by CR-123 battery.

Combined calibration for both spectrum lasers for aiming.

Brightness can be adjusted using buttons on the device body.

Device can be activated using the switches on the device or a tactical pressure-switch.

Device frame has a low-powered power indicator that does not distract or reveal the user's position.Red = red laser activated. Blue = IR laser activated.

Package includes:

-CR123 1x
-Button switch
-Turn-switch (for pistols)
-Tactical Pressure Switch with velcro pad 1x

Perst-4P Dual IR and Red Visible Laser Module

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