The Perst-4 is a laser aiming module that combines an IR Laser and Red Visible-spectrum laser into one device.

Powered by CR-123 battery.

Combined calibration for both spectrum lasers for aiming.

Brightness can be adjusted.

Device can be activated using the switches on the device or a tactical pressure-switch.

Has a "pulsate" mode for both lasers.

Device frame has a low-powered power indicator that does not distract or reveal the user's position.

Package includes:
-"Perst-4" laser -1 pc

-battery type CR 123 -1 pc 

- remote switch with Velcro fastening -1 pcs 

- self-adhesive mounting point of a remote switch with a mating part of velcro fastening -1 pc

- manual -1 pc.

Visible lasers available in green and red. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR THE COLOUR.

Weight: 210 g

Dimensions: (37х60х91) +/- 3mm

Perst-4 Dual IR and Red or Green Visible Laser Module (NEW GEN)