Laser and Light Aiming module combining an Infra-Red and visible spectrum paired laser device and a 500mW IR Illuminator.


Visible lasers available in green and red.

Wavelength of laser in Visible Spectrum: 635 nm
Power of Laser in visible spectrum: 4mW (RED) ,18mW (Green)
Wavelength of Laser in IR spectrum: 850nm
Powe of Laser in IR spectrum: 20mW
Wavelength of Laser Illuminator in IR spectrum: 850nm
Power of Laser Illuminator in IR spectrum: 500mW

Weight: 250gr (with batteries installed)

The device can be powered on and switched between modes utilizing the switches on the device itself, as well as an external tactical pressure switch with built-in intensity regulator. The intensity regulator can be used to adjust the brightness of the laser and illuminator.

Comes wth a transport mode (switches locked to avoid accidental activiation of the device during transport).

Pulse mode with frequency of 2 Hz increases the device's functions in varying tactical situations.

Both lasers have a unified (paired) calibration point (meaning that in order to calibrate the laser's beams [both IR and visible] to be in-line with the weapon sights, it is necessary to adjust it only once and not for both laser modules on the device individually).

Independent calibration point for the laser illuminator allows it to be calibration for each individual user without affecting the laser (distance, conditions, etc.).

It is possible to regulate the beam angle of the illuminator (widen the beam, narrow it for more focused light stream) depending on conditions with a quick-switch system if targets suddenly appear at larger distances (was tested at 1200-metre distance) and back to previous setting.

5-position switch located on top surface of device, allows for fast switching between modes, while using gloves, and gives an audible click when used.

Package includes:

-Allen Key
-tactical pressure switch with intensity regulator
- narrow/wide illuminator lens
-CR-123 battery.

Perst-3 IR+Laser and IR Light