ATTENTION:CONTACT WITH LASER STREAM OR ITS REFLECTION IN THE EYES OF ANY PERSON OR ANIMAL CAN LEAD TO SERIOUS INJURY.Rail-mounted infra-red spectrum adjustable laser module. Can be mounted on non-railed rifles using any Zenit mount (excluding KR-8 and KR-9).Integrated weaver-rail mount and "on" indicator.Distance: 1500m in evening conditions.Can function for 24 hours on supplied power source.Compatible with all Zenit tactical pressure-switches and buttons.Beam functions at 850Nm at 3mVt.Package contains:-Laser Module-CR-123 battery 1x-Tactical Pressure Switch 1x-Velcro m/f pad with adhesive coating 1x-Instructions-Allen key for calibration 1x

"Perst-1IK" Infrared Laser Module