Updated version of Klesh series light. New quick-release connector for pressure switch (included)

Picatinny-rail mounted under-barrel flashlight with controls on the device body and tactical switch compatibility.

Brightness is 370 lumens using 3v battery with a 28mm reflective radius.

Powered by 2 CR123 batteries.

Has a standard brightness setting (3hr) and a power-saving mode (12hr).

Brightness can be cycled by holding down power button, strobe function included as standard.

Includes tools, pressure switch, and a case.

Please specify in advance if you want "desert" finish. "Desert" may require special order from menufacturer.

2P Klesh / 2P Klesh-IR

Device spectrum:
    W h a t 's G o i n g  o n?
    C O N T A C T S


    Added PT-5 stock, B-30U, B-301N, B-9AK, and updated Klesh flashlights with quick-release connector!


    New products added! Souvenir "Putnik" and "Thinker sets, KR-1U mount, and B-18U optics mount for AKS-74U models.

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