Tactical flashlight designed for short-barreled weapons, such as handguns (for installation on the MR-443 Yarygin Grach pistol or MR-446 Viking, B-8 needs to be mounted). Can be mounted on handguns with picatinny rail on frame, such as Glock series.

Light brightness is 150 lumens using 1v battery and a 20mm reflective diameter.

Laser sight has a range of 300m and is adjustable to be sighted for any weapon.

Uses one CR123 battery.

Flashlight has several settings:

Power-saving mode for flashlight.


Pulsating setting for laser.

Standard setting for flashlight.

Standard setting for laser.

All above listed settings used at the same time with laser and light.


1x allen key for adjusting the laser.

1x leather pouch.

The light and laser module itself.

1x CR123 battery

Instruction booklet.

2KS+Laser Mini-Klesh / 2KS+Laser Klesh-Mini-IR