Weapon-mounted projector with integrated laser module.

Effective distance is no less than 600m.

Settings include regular light setting, laser, laser and light, strobe, and can be activated in any combination.

Integrated rail-mount allows projector to be mounted on any weapon rail. Also includes two picattiny rails on frame for the mounting of additional accessories.

Package includes:

-removable pressure switch 1x
-instructions 1x
-charger 1x
-allen key for calibration 1x

2DS 2x2 "Kaspiy" Projector

    W h a t 's G o i n g  o n?
    C O N T A C T S


    Added PT-5 stock, B-30U, B-301N, B-9AK, and updated Klesh flashlights with quick-release connector!


    New products added! Souvenir "Putnik" and "Thinker sets, KR-1U mount, and B-18U optics mount for AKS-74U models.

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