Powerful portable projector for illuminating territories in areas or conditions of low-light. Distance of light up to 1,000m.

Functuons in conditions from -30C to +50C.

Settings include:
-normal light function
-distance setting (light activated by tactical switch plugged into device)
-weapon light pressure switch can be connected

Package includes:
-  Bag for carrying the light, tripod, battery, and all related accessories 1x
-  light panel 1x
-  rechargable compact battery 1x
-  charger 1x
-  cable for powering light complex from automobile plug 1x
-  portable tripod stand with controls for hand-rotation 1x
-  plug adapter 1x
-  instructions 1x

2D 3x3-4U-5D "Svetliachok" Portable Projector

    W h a t 's G o i n g  o n?
    C O N T A C T S


    Added PT-5 stock, B-30U, B-301N, B-9AK, and updated Klesh flashlights with quick-release connector!


    New products added! Souvenir "Putnik" and "Thinker sets, KR-1U mount, and B-18U optics mount for AKS-74U models.

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